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Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Holiday Craze has Begun!

I haven't had the time to write lately - I've been super busy!  I had this past week off which has been so great - much needed.  So here is my week in a nutshell...

Brett and I did not go on our honeymoon after the wedding due to house buying, money and lack of vaca time.  We originally said we were going to take our trip in December, but since we bought the house this summer, we decided to wait until March.  We couldn't decide on where in the world we wanted to go so we decided like any civil couple would - we picked our location from a hat!  We put in 5 locations we'd be more than happy to visit and chose the winner.  Our options were..St. Martin, Turks & Caicos, Costa Rica, Anguilla and Antigua.  The winner was...drum roll please...Turks & Caicos!!  So we went onto expedia (where I have always planned my vacas and never had an issue) and chose this amazing resort...

Photo courtesy of
O-M-G I want to be there right now..we are super excited!  I think we're going to pick all of our vacations from a hat now on - I think it adds to the whole adventure aspect - don't ya think?!
My mom and I spent our Monday painting the front and side door of our house - it looks great!  Almost as good as professionals - we still always talk about opening our own painting/home decorating company someday.  I will post pictures soon (I promise!) of all the house projects we've been doing.  Brett completed an amazing front walkway this past weekend with recycled slate pieces with my brother and stepdad's help! 
I spent my Tuesday at my favorite spa getting pampered with a facial and my first professional massage - it was amazing as always.  With all of the running I've been doing, my muscles needed it!

Thanksgiving was spent with great family and friends!  We first went to Brett's dad's home for dinner and my aunt's for dessert.  I even ran in the morning so I didn't feel as guilty about all of the delicious food I ate.  I was in awe of Brett's dad's home decorated for the looked so great!

Mark and Sandy's beautiful home, our Thanksgiving dinner destination.

The rest of my week off was spent decorating for the holidays, a much needed hot yoga sesh, and anything else I could think of to occupy my time so I didn't have to write my paper due this week - oops! 

Week 5 of training is DONE!  I'm really proud of myself for sticking with it thus far; this is the longest amount of time I've stuck with any training program.  This week consisted of running/walking 35 minutes.  I started out at 3 miles and ended the week with a super fun trail run that ended up being about 4 miles!  While running the Danvers Rail Trail, I came to the realization that in order for me to stick with my training, I have to mix up my run routes.  I tend to do the same run day after day but it gets super boring, super quick. 

The trail was so much fun to run, it was like an adventure - I kept saying to myself, "I wonder what's beyond this corner!"  It was so peaceful and I wasn't thinking about how much further I had to go - I wanted to keep going!  Maybe a trail marathon is in my future??  OK I won't go that far yet, completing a marathon on paved roads is my first goal. 
A portion of the Danvers Rail Trail called the "Swampwalk".  I made it the entrance but didn't have time (or energy) to take the 1.3 mile treck.  I'll have to tackle this guy when my longer runs come up!
So tomorrow will be back to work - hopefully I've gotten enough rest this week, because with the fall semester ending and the holidays coming up, I'm going to need all the energy I can get!!  Until next time...
Just keep running...
mimi Xo


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  1. I love the new rail trails that are popping up around Essex County. We jogged/walked the Peabody trail a few times, and if you feel like driving the trails up in Newburyport and Salisbury are really pretty.

    I can't wait to see pictures of the progress you guys have made on the house!!