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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Friend or Foe: Indoor Track Training?

I think I may have found my best ally during cold and icy winter evenings - the indoor track at Endicott College.  This week the Northeast was hit with another strong storm - this time a nor'easter.  I wanted to stay on track (no pun intended!) with my training so I thought I'd do one of my workouts indoors.  Plus I am petrified of runnning when it's icy out - I guess every runner takes a digger now and again, but I'd rather not take any chances this early in my training.  But the question is - is track training really adventageous?

Friend or foe: the indoor track?  photo courtesy of

Since I've begun my training, I have received so many great tips from seasoned runners.  I love picking people's brains to hear what has worked (and more importantly, what has not).  Some of the of the best tips I've heard so far:
  • Stick to the training program; when it says rest, REST!
  • I'm a huge fan of power hot yoga, so I was pumped to hear that yoga is super helpful while training.
  • One of the problems I've come across in the past is not knowing how to stretch properly for my runs; dynamic stretching should be done before runs and static stretching after runs.  GREAT ADVICE!
I've also heard that track training is helpful when training - I had to find out if this was true, so in true nerd fashion, I did some research - here's 6 reasons why track training is helpful:
  1. The high intensity of track training makes the body burn calories even after your workout is over which results in quicker weight loss (I could get used to that!)
  2. I noticed that I tended to run a lot faster than normal on the track, pushing myself to sprint some laps and take it a bit slower on others.  Ultimately, this builds strength in muscles you don't necessarily use in outdoor runs.
  3. This type of training can take minutes off my mile if I do it often enough.
  4. The faster pace makes the heart stronger, delivers more oxygen to the muscles and helps muscles use the oxygen more efficiently - increasing stamina.
  5. Stronger muscles = longer runs.
  6. Stronger muscles + longer runs + slimmer me = same miles with less effort! (All information found on
I'm going to try to run as much as possible outside, but it's great to know I have a beneficial alternative for days with less than ideal weather conditions!

Week 3 of training is DONE - I'm up to 2 miles in 25 minutes!  Hoping my continued training will get me down to 10 minute miles.

On to week four where I'll be on a 30 minute walk/run plan!

Just keep running...
mimi Xo

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