Track My Miles!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Welcome to my blog and my first post.  I have been meaning to create this for a while, at the suggestion of my friend amanda in progress.  So here it is! 

I was talking with my mom before writing my first post and she posed the question, "How do you have the time to make a blog? And how do you make a blog?"  Great question mom, my answer is I'm not sure yet, but here goes! 

This past year has been quite a whirlwind - I have spent the last year and a half planning my wedding and in April I married the love of my life.  One of my greatest passions is event planning so I was so honored and thrilled to plan my own wedding. 


I thought after the wedding I would have some down time - but boy was I wrong.  After the wedding we purchased our first home together and have been working on it ever since!   I have turned into an official weekend warrior.  We bought out home based on the first rule of real estate thumb- location, location, location! We absolutely love our new neighborhood but the house was in need of some serious TLC.  (I'll chronicle all of our progress in a later posting...stay tuned!)

Us as happy new homeowners
Once fall began, I started taking MBA courses at the beautiful, seaside college that is also my place of employment.  It's a lot more difficult getting back into the swing of writing papers and homework, but I love learning and very happy to be doing it again.
Now to the real reason I'm beginning this blog...
About two years ago, I began running...for enjoyment.  I know, I know - this was a foreign thought to me as well.  I liked working out but never loved it.  I joined my high school track team and lasted about a week after I realized I would have to train for long distances, even if I just wanted to do the short distances that I so loved.  Until I met my husband (sorry hunny!) I never had to work out - I was always in pretty good shape.  But once I became happy and comfortable in the relationship, I feel like my body took the brunt of it. 

Running in a relay half marathon with my team "Party of Five" - I'm in the middle, early 2012
I have been doing some 5Ks here and there Will Run for Beer Race Series and North Shore Cancer Walk/Run but have been searching for a real opportunity to kick it up a notch and truly commit myself to running.  An email began circulating at the college where I work that offered a great opportunity to its employees - the chance to get a bib number for the Boston Marathon!  So many thoughts began racing through my head;  do I have enough time?  Is it possible to train in a 6 month period for something so epic?  What if I sign up and don't succeed? 
After some thought, I've decided to go for it!  What do I have to lose?!  So I've done some research and have found a 26 week training program to get me started.  So today marks my first day of training.  I have a couple of injuries to contend with already (my knee and a pulled muscle in my back) from yoga, but I'm determined to work through them!  I clocked about 1.3 miles today and feel pretty good about my first day. 

Just keep running...
mimi Xo


  1. Amanda! Major kudos to you for beginning your training for the marathon! I've been using my bad knees and back injury as a reason not to run but perhaps you'll be my inspiration to get started on something..... so glad you have a blog now :) I can't wait to hear more about your running and house progress. Lots of love to you and Brett!

    1. Thanks so much for your support Amanda - all the way from OH! My knee hasn't been very cooperative lately but doing hot yoga once a week really helps with my strength and pain! I may have to go more often once I start runnning longer distances but for now it seems to be helping - I'll keep you updated! Hope all is well with you and Ev!